Helping our clients in the development of eco-sustainable projects through the supply of leading installations/plants for the production of renewable energy.

In Milan, in 2017, the Sunnerg Group was born. Since then, thanks to the leadership of the founders, the company has continued to grow and develop, differentiating its line of business and opening up to new markets. Today, it is present on a permanent basis in the United Kingdom, Italy and Romania and in other European and non-European countries.

The mission of Sunnerg is to aid clients in the development of eco-sustainable projects through the supply of key installations/plants for the production of renewable energy, which includes feasibility studies, design, installation and support for financing according to the highest qualitative and technological standards.

The Sunnerg Group has embraced the great development opportunities in the market in which it operates through partnerships with national and international groups and leading investment funds, guaranteeing the supply of important installations/plants through the EPC Contractor scheme.

Sunnerg Group believes in renewable energy as a strategic asset for the future of the planet and for future generations. This is why it positions itself on the national and international renewables market by offering a scalable and efficient service, helping to create a new model of sustainable development.

Sunnerg People

Sunnerg Group was born from the innovative vision of the founders who put together their experience matured at internationally established companies in the sector.

Today the group is experiencing a moment of important growth and expansion with a presence also outside of European borders, with the team and the business volume in constant increase, being at the forefront of the desire for change and sustainable development of the market.



We inspire and create value in the business lines in which we operate.


We base every relationship on ethical principles of integrity.


We set ourselves ambitious goals and we use the expertise of all our team to achieve them.


We strive tirelessly to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.

Social responsibility

We act in accordance with the logical framework of sustainable development from an economic, social and environmental point of view.


We promote the development, knowledge and skills of our professionals.

Integrated Management Policy

The Sunner Group looks to the future with optimism and acts with the highest standards of conduct and social responsibility. The group’s mission is to create value through motivated and qualified employees, in order to satisfy the needs of clients and stakeholders.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct is the tool with which Sunnerg transmits to all employees, clients, public bodies, suppliers and other stakeholders, the values and principles that guide the business, promoting relationships of trust between people that consolidate the defining elements of the culture of Sunnerg.



Upholding a strong position in international markets allows the Sunnerg group to be able to collaborate with partners from around the world.

It is only with solid relationships established outside of our own borders that we increase the wealth of experience and technical knowledge, essential to be able to meet the different needs of clients.


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