Who is Sunnerg Group

We are a General Contractor and Service Provider specialised in the design and implementation of important B2B projects in the Renewable Energy market.

The founding members of Sunnerg Group are key figures in the sector, with consolidated experience at an international level: in 2017 they created the company in Milan and developed a business in continuous growth, differentiating it and opening it to new markets.

Today, Sunnerg Group invests in sustainable development: it is present in several European countries – with continuous geographic and organic expansion.

Towards the future

Sunnerg Group has a clear goal in mind: to change the future of energy. Where energy produced from renewable sources is managed effectively, in turn helping to create new eco-sustainable development models that will ensure the future for new generations to come.

The values

Sunnerg Group positions itself on the national and international renewable energy market by offering clients a scalable and efficient service.

Innovation, passion, trust, talent, excellence and responsibility are the driving factors of the group

Our competitive advantage

Sunnerg Group maximises the value of each client’s investment, offering a business model to develop, structure and implement any project in the field of renewable energy that is adapted and customised to the needs, the timing and budget of each client.
The group has a track record in constant growth and a high rate of client satisfaction.

Positioning and services

Sunnerg Group has chosen to position itself in an international market through important growth margins of its services outside the country’s borders.

The services that Sunnerg Group offers are valuable for the renewable energy sector and can therefore contribute to the realisation of a more sustainable future for the entire planet.


Sunnerg Group has extensive experience in ‘utility scale’ and ‘rooftop’ installations that it adapts and customises for its clients thanks to its experience and the know-how of its team, aiming at quick, innovative and efficient solutions.

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