Our Services

The Facility Management (FM) services can be defined as an articulated discipline aimed at guaranteeing the functionality and efficiency of the properties, whether they are used in the sphere of private life (residential / condominiums) or for the business (office building ,factories, retail), integrating people, places, processes and technology.
Sunnerg intends to establish itself in Italy and worldwide as one of the mainleaders in the FM sector and boasts the particular experience of its staff, gained over the past 20 years in the specific sector.
Sunnerg preliminary analyzes the needs of its customers, to then design and deliver FM services that lead to the best expected results, with particular attention to obtainingstrategic-organizational, operational, energy and economic-financial efficiency benefits.
Sunnerg proposes itself to Clientale as a real Partnes for the outsourced management of Hard Facility (plant maintenance services) and Soft Facility (personal services) services, thus allowing Customers to concentrate their resources only on their core business. Benefiting of a high quality and professional service commensurate with the real needs. Sunnerg's FM services are provided through a real model of integrated facilities services, represented by both its own staff and collaborators. In addition to taking care of FM'sservices, Sunnerg also offers analysis, design and implementation of energy efficiency measures for buildings, analyzing the behavior of the air conditioning system building system and the consumption of electrical systems.
Sunnerg, whichaims to offer high quality services, was certified by RINA during the year 2019, according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard for all the services it offers, i.e. for the design, installation, maintenance of systems and for the design and provision of Facility Management services demonstrating the fact that it operates with the best professional and technological resources, offering first-rate services with high seriousness and professionalism.



SUNNERG GROUP SRL, to date has already created
- Designed and provided air conditioning system maintenance services for the Milan office of an important internationally renowned insurance company.
- Facility Management services designed and provided for a super apartment building in Milan located in the Garibaldi area.
- Provided Hard Facility services for a super apartment building in Milan in the Lambrate area
- Designed and provided Hard Facility services for an important company that deals with international interior furnishings.
- Designed and provided maintenance services for summer air conditioning systems for tworeal estate companies in Milan.
- A cogeneration plant built in a shopping center in Veneto.
- Designed a system system for the accounting of "hidden user" electrical utilities in the Veneto shopping center.
- Designed and built in a cogeneration plant at a sports center in the province of Biella.
- Planned the technological upgrading of the thermal power station of a sports center in the province of Vercelli.
- Thermal and electrical system designed for the technological upgrading of the thermal power plant of a nursing home for the elderly in Turin.