Sunnerg Group

SUNNERG it's a General Contractor and Service Provider specializing in "turnkey projects" in the Energy & Facility Management B2B market, with a particular focus on the PV solar business.


Our VISION is to have a sustainable world, where energy is produced from renewable sources, efficiently managed to meet the needs of the present without preventing future generations the opportunity to equitably meet their own needs.


Our MISSION is to become a reference point for customers who want to have a service integrated, tailored, according to the innovative dynamism in the energy market and that is sustainable at the same time respecting the environment.

Competitive advantages

  • Guarantee: Efficient service and financial strength that minimizes the investment risk for the customer and at the same time it maximizes the results.
  • Flexibility in meeting the needs of each customer, realizing projects on-time and on-budget and Taylor-Made.
  • Credibility given by our know-how and a track record of projects carried out with the utmost satisfaction for customers.

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ISO 9001 certificate

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